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Introduction: Rack for Microwave and Oven

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This is a very simple project to do, but thanks to him I have an oven at home.The only place I had on the oven was already occupied by a microwave oven. The top of the oven heat up so much that you can not put your hand and the bottom is a little warm. So the oven must stand on the top the rack.

You can see the whole project here: Rack for microwave and oven

Step 1: Components and Tools

  • 8 x angle brackets
  • 32 x screws
  • 2 x fibreboards covered
  • 4 x wooden beams
  • 2 mm drill bit
  • screwdriver bit
  • cordless driller

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

At the beginning I measured how much need to cut fibreboard and wooden beams.

Step 3: Drilling and Screwing

For easier screwing, at the beginning I drill the holes with a small drill bit.
I use four screws on one angle bracket.

Step 4: Rack Finished

The rack is finished, it's time to put him in the right place.

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    5 years ago

    Does a Microwave not require a minimum space between the top, back and sides?

    Your terrific project is just what I need but I do want to be safe.

    Thank, you. Mickey


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank, you.

    Each microwave is slightly different, but the exact spacing should be included in the instruction manual. In my design nothing is warming up, and I have it for a few months.