Introduction: Rag and Oil Can

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this is so quick easy and very effective.

a very hand tool to have on your work bench.

Step 1: What You Will Need,and the Quick Finish Line.

lubricating oil

t.shirt or table cloth,etc.

empty can,not cola cans etc, baked beans,tinned veg etc.

rolling pin or the similar .


firstly find something rounded (tube like)

a kitchen wooden rolling pin will be great.

place this in a vice,

and place the tin where the nasty bit is that cuts.

onto the rolling pin.

and using a hammer keep hammering away turning the tin as you go until all the nasty edges have gone

roll your t.shirt. cloth etc as tight as possible.

with your empty can squeeze the cloth into the can .

if it gets stuck,use a screw driver to push it in.

once you have it in fully.

pukka up the edges around the can.

now slowly add the oil.

it took me a couple of days to keep topping it up.

dont try and get it all in one go as you will end up with oil every where.

once you see the pukkerd up edges of the cloth with oil on it stop there as thats enough.

now leave it sitting pretty on your work bench.

and when say you want to lubricate your plane , just one swipe over the cloth in the can, and your good to go.

and that is that.

quick easy, and very handy