Introduction: Railbow Rifle 2: Tigernod Style.

About: This part used to be full of crap but I finally deleted all of it. I'm Tigernod. I'm a student from North Brabant. You are all awesome and I love you. <3
Update: 09-01-10: Thanks for the constuctive criticism everyone! Since you have been so helpful in advising me on improving my current projects, I decided to show you a list of all the projects I'm working on or that are finished, with some additional information regarding the progress of these projects.

Railbow: The project you are watching right now! I am facing some problems with the turret and I think they might be fixed if I use an 8 shot turret instead of an 18 shot one. Also, my good friend and neighbour Warking71 is now helping me with the messed up trigger system, though I'm afraid it wouldn't work: the trigger can't hold the immense power behind the bands.

Unnamed shotgun sidearm: It had undergone some tweaks to improve the reliability of the trigger, and thanks to DJ radio I made the main structure less "boney". I also came up with a good name, I wrote it on a piece of paper but I can not find it. I will contact you as soon as I find it.

AVAMGERR 2:  I just started this project today. I decided with all those comments on the AVAMGERR page, I just had to improve the original. Even though I broke the original apart, I managed to recover some parts lke the extremely long barrel. Some features AVAMGERR 2 will contain are: Sturdy barrel, realistic bipod, no fake barrels, no pointless details such as the radar dish on the side , carrying handles, and the dart shaped design, other useful details such as a magazine holder, non working flashlight, and a non working computerized scope, better ergonomics (Very important!), a better secondary gun, and a less boxy frame. Maybe I can make it work truly work (Heavy cannon style), but only if the frame is strong enough.

Hello everybody. Back in 2007, Jollex posted the, a truly revolutional concept knex gun bearing the power of an slingshot, yet it is as easy to reload as an bolt action. While I was silently hoping for a breakthrough in the world of knex, the Railbow Rifle has slowly dissappeared in the background in the big world of knex instructions. It is now 2010 (Happy new year!) , three years after the release of the Railbow .For years, we heard nothing of the railbow concept (except for Zak and his turretbow, a lone exception) , and we did not gave this great concept the attention it deserves.

All that will, hopefully, change very soon. The Railbow Revolution is rising up.

I decided to build my own railbow, loosely based of the logic bow. This one is a bit larger then the railbow, and it's turret doesn't work so well. But it's power is unrivaled! I wish I could test it outside to see the range, but it snowed outside so if I would fire it I'd probably never find the rods back. Anyway, I hope you like it. I think I'll release a video soon, if I got some spare time soon. Cya later, knex fans!