Introduction: Rain Gutter Downspout Sprinkler

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Well i built a flower bed and wanted to use rain water to help water it. So i connected the downspout with some pvc pipe and a garden hose. Now the water is but to better use and distributed far enough from the house to prevent any basement leaking or wall damage.
 I made this form stuff i had layign aroudn the house.
 garden hose
1 inch pvc pipe
3 inch pvc pipe
some odds and ends pipe / hose fittings
3 inch end cap for pvc pipe
heat gun

Step 1: STEP ONE: Downspout Fitting

ok i had a piece of 3 inch pipe  and a end cap for it, so glued on the cap with some pvc glue. and drilled a hole into the middle of the cap.
Now i attached this old faucet part i just needed a 90 Degree bend it has a knob to open and close but i just leave it open. 

Step 2: STEP TWO: Attaching the Hose

The so i took a old garden hose and use it to start. it just screws into the brass faucet part and on the other end i added a female garden hose replacement end and that just screwed into the pvc pipe, i did glued it too.

Step 3: STEP THREE: Adding the PVC Pipe

Ok now to join the pvc pipes together, i used a heat gun to melt the end a little and twisted them together.  Then i drilled holes into the pipe about a foot apart. And sealed the other end with some plastic and a zip tie.

 And there you go when it rains the water is diverted and used for better things

OK FOOT NOTE  after the fact abotu 2 day s of rain it completely clogged up with pine needles at the base of first pipe, i added a metal mesh screen in the pipe and its working great.  But defiantly add some screen around the bottom of the hole and it was very easy to clean out.

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