Introduction: Garden Led Fairies

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These things look Magical at night time :D

You can make your own by following the next few steps


soldering iron / solder, handy hands

Some sort of a small saw (Jig band or coping)

Drill with bits

slow flashing RGB Leds

470 ohm resistors

2 conductor wire

ping pong balls (outside) 2inch foam balls (Inside)

Thick wire

Acrylic or poly carbonate sheets

hot glue and/or 2 part epoxy

Step 1: Cut Out the Wings

Begin by cutting out wings for the fairies.

I would suggest using a sheet of acrylic or poly carbonate if you can find some scraps. Select the wings silhouette that you want from a google search. print then on paper, and glue the paper onto the thin membrane that is on the sheet. This way you can just peel it off after they are cut out. Use what tools you have handy. a jigsaw or a coping saw works well. I chose to use my band saw and a bench sander. finish them by sliding the back of a knife against the burred edges.

Step 2: Drill and Assemble

Next, drill a hole the same diameter of the led. do the same with the foam /or/ ping pong ball. Using some hot glue, or Two Part Epoxy, glue the led to the wings and the ball onto the led. Solder a 470 Ohm resister onto the positive side of the Led (Doesn't matter if its on the pos on neg but i suggest positive so you know what is what.

Step 3: Optional Garden Stakes

If you want you can hang these from the fence. but if you want to plant then in the dirt you will need a few steaks of wire strong enough to hold them up.

I used some thin re-bar to make my garden steaks with. Put a crook in one end to go around the Led and painted the whole thing black. Use some 2 part epoxy to secure the wings to the garden stakes.

Step 4: Power Adapter

You will need a small 1A 12V power adapter. it's best to place it inside the home and run a thin wire out through a window or door.

Step 5: Place Fairies and Wire It Up

decide where you fairies will go and cut lengths of cable to wire them all together. All connections should be waterproofed and wired in parallel. I would suggest using some heat shrink tubing.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas! Please post "I made it" posts. I would love to see what people come up with :D

All the best!

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