Introduction: Rainbow Backpack Rain-cover

Umbrellas don't work for me.

Anyone ever noticed how many collapsed umbrellas you find laying around in the streets after a windy rain storm? sticking out of trash cans, rolling on sidewalks...?

This Instructable is my answer to all wounded umbrellas angrily abandoned in the streets after failing to fill their purpose: blocking some rain.


Unlike an umbrella, this rain cover weighs just a few grams- neatly rolled at the bottom of your bag it takes up no space. got caught out in the rain? just pull it out, wrap your bag and your good to go!


  • Old broken umbrella
  • Needle and a thread
  • String or a rubber band
  • Scissors
  • Cord lock

Step 1: ​Dismantle the Umbrella

  • Pull the plastic caps and separate them from the rods
  • Take apart any metal or plastic pieces holding the fabric in place.

Step 2: Separate the Fabric From the Skeleton

Step 3: Cut Off the Plastic Caps

get rid of the small plastic-thingies at the tips of the fabrick.

Step 4: Close the Hole in the Middle

stitch down the hole at the center of the fabric we've just harvested from the umbrella. you can add a small loop for hanging it to dry after a heavy rain. or add a button just for fun.

Step 5: Measure Your Bag

Put your backpack at the center and determan the size needed to wrap it safely from the rain.

Step 6: Sew It

sew a tube along the edge of the fabric. make it wide so the string can be pulled through. use a sewing machine or just stitch it by hand. cut off all the excess fabric from the edges.

Step 7: Tread the String

Tie the string to a chopstick or a pencil with some tape, and pull the string through the tube.

Step 8: Tie the Cord Ends

Pass the string through the cord stopper and tie the loose ends.

Step 9: Wrap Your Bag

and go take a care-free walk in the rain.

Step 10: Take Some Snaps!

shoot some photos of your freshly harvested rain-cover and upload them here! I cant wait to see what you com up with!

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