Introduction: Rainbow Binary Name Bracelet

Fun and simple introduction to binary!!!

This is a great activity to introduce students or children to binary. They learn how to write their name in binary and can personalize it with the colors of the rainbow.


Thread or bracelet material

Rainbow colored beads.

Step 1: Writing Your Name in Binary

The first step is to choose how to "write" your name in binary. If you are doing this project with students you can either give them the ASCII code directly or you can ask them to determine themselves how to code their name in binary.

Step 2: Creating the Rainbow

First, choose which color will be your "spacer" between letters. In the included image I used two black beads in between every letter. The "0" is represented by a clear bead and the "1" is represented by the colors of the rainbow. Although this design spells out my first name, it can be used with any word/name.

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