Introduction: Rainbow Bleeding Candle

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Almost everyone has heard of the bleeding candle that is almost always placed outside on Halloween in attempt to scare people. What if there was a type of bleeding candle that wasn't scary, but fun to watch, with the wax dripping down the sides. Now there is! The Rainbow Bleeding Candle is fun to make, and fun to watch.



box cutter

long candle

fat candle (any size, preferably taller)

candle holder or plate


**NOTE** Adult supervision recommended because of lighter use.

Step 1: Peel Crayons

Peel the paper off of the crayons. Make sure all of the paper is off of the crayons.

Step 2: Carve the Candle

Using the box cutter, carve the top of the candle in the form of a slant around the wick like the picture above. Make sure you don't pierce the sides of the candle, and make sure the deepest part of the slant is pretty deep.

Step 3: Cut Your Crayon

Using the box cutter, cut the crayon into half inch strips and place them in the divot you cut in the candle as shown above.

Step 4: Melt

Using the lighter or long candle, melt the crayons in the candle so it somewhat matches the pictures above. Make sure some wax goes into the deepest part of the slant. Then repeat with the other colors you wish to use. I used three colors.

Step 5: Cut the Divots

Cut triangles on an angle on the walls of the candle. Do as many as you wish.

Step 6: Finished

Light the candle and wait a couple minutes, then you will see the color dripping down the sides. Have fun watching!

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