Introduction: Rainbow Crochet Shoes

I'm a woman and I hate to buy shoes.

So I crochet them myself.

These shoes are made with rest of wool I have at home.

You can use any wool and every colour.

I apologize if my translation into English isn't always correct. I'm learning.



1. A pair of soles

2. Punch

3. Pencil

4. Tape measure

5. Two crochet hook (2.5 and 3.5)

6. Wool (I take four colors)

7. Scissors

8. Needle

9. Blender (optional)

Patience :-)

Step 1:


Chain (stitch) = ch

Slip stitch = sl

Single crochet = sc

Half double crochet = hdc

Use a pencil and a tape measure to mark the places in the soles where the holes for the thread should be. I take a distance of 1cm, it shouldn’t be bigger. Make the holes at the markings unsing the punch. You may have to get through this with a needle.

Step 2:

Start with the thinner crochet hook. Pull the thread through one of the holes and make a ch. Then stitch through the next hole and get thread. Make sure the beginning doesn’t slip through the first hole. Make a sl and pull the thread through the next hole. The whole round is continued with sl. The holes in the sole are the first stitches.

You see it in the pictures.

Step 3:

Take the thicker crochet hook.

Stich through one of the sl and get the thread. Put two sc in every sl. Close the round with a sl.

Start the next round with a ch. Then crochet two sc in the next, one sc in the second sl.

Repeat that until the end of the round.

In the next rounds, only one sc is crochet into each sc.

I have crochest five rounds. You can also do less or more.

Step 4: (optional)

I like it when the top is a little higher.

Find the center of the tip and mark it. Simply press the two sides of the sole together (Picture), then you see the center. The tip should go up to your little toe. Also mark this spot and count the stitches to the top. Count the same number on the other side and mark this position. Start at one side (first mark) with ch and crochet sc to the second mark. Ch, twist it and crochet back. I crochet three rows.

Step 5:

If you haven’t mark the center and the sides yet, you have to do it now. See step four.

Start two stitches next the middle. Get the thread and make a ch. Then crochet five sc. The tip is the middle. Crochet one sl into each of the next two stiches. Turn around. Skip the first sl and crochet from the second. Make up six sc (you are now at the beginning of the thread). Then again two sl come into the next two stitches. Turn and skip the first sl. Starting from the second sl, again sc till the end of this row (this time seven sc). Then again to sl. It goes on like this until you reach both outer marks. So sc till the end, two sl, twist, turn one sl, sc till the end…

Step 6:

Crochet sc from one side of the lace to the other. Now no more sl!

Turn, skip a sc. Do that a total of five times.

Then sc in every sc. Turn around and don’t skip any stitches. Continue until the disered high of the shoe is reached. I’ve crochet twenty rows.

Then skip a sc at the beginning, crochet two sc together with sc at the beginning and the end of the row. Do this until you see a slight curve.

Step 7:

The beginning (and the end) of the shaft is four stitches before the end of the tip. Get the thread and make a ch. Crochet sc into the last stitches of the tip. Then simply crochet sc into each stitch.

My heel should be a bit higher than the rest of my shoe. Mark two places from the middle of the heel. Crochet sc to the second mark. Turn and crochet sc to the other mark. Turn again and make sc to the other side of the tip. At the edge of the tip crochet two more sc into the tip. Turn back and crochet sc. Now you crochet on with sc. On the other side of the shoe you crochet four stitches in the tip. Turn and sc in every stich. After a few rows you always leave out a sc after turning. At some point I crochet two sc together at the beginning and the end. I’ll do it the way I feel. Crochet until you have reached the desired high of the shoe sc.

Step 8:

Now start on one side of the shaft, where the slope is. Crochet sc in the slant, twist, one ch and again sc. Count the stitches so you can make the same number on the other side. I’ve crochet 20 sc.

After a few rows (I crochet four rows) make the holes for the shoelaces. I have crochet hdc into the first two stitches. Then a ch. Jump over one sc and into the next two hdc again . Keep it up to the end, you’ll get little holes.

Step 9:

Take a thread and pull it through the holes for the shoelace. Mark the length and multiply the length by four. Cut two threads and twist a cord. I’ll do it with a blender. After you’ve tied the cord, thread it through the holes. Congratulations, the first shoe is done.

Step 10:

First shoe is finished.

You just do the second shoe the same way.

Have fun!

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