Introduction: Rainbow Dress and Covid Mask

I will be making a rainbow dress and covid mask to match. Right now everyting is rainbows for my 11 year old daughter she is in love with them. I am learning how to sew so i decided to make her a dress with rainbow patterns. this is my first project so we will see how this turns out. Sorry i did not take more pics of the process.


Sewing Machine

Rainbow Fabric


Fabric Scissors


Dress Pattern

Seem ripper

Someone with experience, not necessary but recommended for me was my mom

A lot of patience, a whole lot

Step 1: Fabric and Pattern

First you want to go to a craft store and pick out the fabric you would like to use to make the dress and a pattern you want to use for the style of the dress. Next you see what size you are making the dress and buy the appropriate amount of fabric. Next cut out the pattern, this will be used as a stencil on which you will cut the fabric out. On this pattern I cut out two pieces for the dress two pieces for the interfacing and one piece for the sleeves. Next take your needles and pin these pieces to the fabric make sure that your fabric is folded during this process. The front piece will be pinned on the fold as well as the front interfacing the rest can be pinned down anywhere else on the fabric. Next cut your fabric following the pattern as close as possible. When your done you will one piece for the front, two for the back, three for the interfacing and two for the sleeves like in the pic. the pic shows the pieces still together from being cut wile folded but all the pieces are there.

Step 2: Sewing

Now comes the sewing. So first you want to take the front piece of the dress one of the back pieces line them up at the shoulder so they are even and pin them together down the seem wit your needles. After pinning together your pieces take it to the sewing machine and stitch them together. Take out your needles and repeat pinning and sewing the other back piece. Next you will pin together the back and stitch together the back making it one piece the body of the dress.

Next take you interfacing pieces and pretty much do the same thing. Take the front piece and pin together the two back pieces and stitch together next pin the back together the back and stitch it close, you should ave a circle for your interfacing. Take the dress turn inside out pin the interface to the neck of the dress and stitch together you will ave a nice clean collar and no raw edges.

Next take your sleeves pin them together then stitch them together. you should have two sleeves ready to be added to your dress. Next was the hardest part for me, pin the sleeves to the shoulders and stitch them together. Now stitching the sleeves without the fabric buckling or bunching up will be frustrating but after a few tries and help from my mom it worked out, I think I did a good job on them. Now the entire dress is together but we are not done yet

Step 3: Hemming

To finish off the dress you will want to hem the bottom of the dress and the sleeves to get a clean look and no raw edges. On the bottom we want a 1 inch hem, so first start on of the seems you stitched turn the bottom up about a quarter inch then turn again to give you a 1 inch hem. Next pin on the seem then continue all the way around until you have your hem all the way around. Next you will sew the hem and this part can also be very tedious and frustrating because you want to sew the first turn of them down to get the hem correctly press the peddle on your sewing machine slow so you can guide the dress and now your dress is complete.

Step 4: Covid Mask

Lastly is the covid mask. This was actually my daughter's idea, now after cutting your dress you will have extra fabric left over and i was wondering what to do wit it so my daughter said lets make a matching mask. For the mask you dont need to buy a pattern, there are plenty you can print out for free or you can do what i did. So i took a disposable mask cut it in half and used it as a stencil. Next I pinned the half mask to the fabric keeping the fabric folded and cut it out. Next I flipped the half mask pinned and cut again wen your done you should have 4 pieces cut out like in the picture. Next I pinned two sided of the fabric together down the long end and repeated with the other two pieces then stitched them together you will be left with two pieces for your mask. Next flip your pieces so they are inside out place your elastic for your ears and pin the two fabric pieces and elastic together all the way around sides top and bottom. Next sew the entire mask together flip it right side up and you ave your own matching covid mask. Everything is complete.

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