Introduction: Rainbow Glitter Skull Makeup!

Hi peeps!

It's almost halloween so lets get started with getting creepy MWUAHAAH

Here is the full video tutorial where I explain all the steps. Feel free to jump by and give it a likey if you like it, cause that means a lot to me!

Step 1: Mapping Out the Design

To start of it's the easiest to first map out your design.
I'm doing this using a pencil liner because it's easy to wipe away if you make mistakes and it's easy to draw with.
Start by mapping out the eye sockets, nose , temples and mouth/cheek area.

Step 2: White Base

This step is not neccesary but it will give you way brighter colours. Putting a white base underneath your eyeshadows really helps them pop and blend in. I'm using NYX's white jumbo pencil for this step.

Step 3: Start Creating the Rainbow Gradient

It really doesn't matter what colours you use or where you start. I started with yellow and worked that out through the entire color range until I got back to yellow.

For extra colour pay off make sure that you really pack on the colour with a flat top eyeshadow brush. To blend the colours together i'm using a fluffier brush. Try dragging the darker colour softly into the lighter one for a nice gradient. Do that back and forth until you're happy with the result.

Step 4: Start Creating the Rainbow Gradient (2)

As you can see i'm going around my eye using reds, pinks, purples, blue's and eventually green to blend it back to yellow on my forehead.

Step 5: The Base

Here we've got the full base down. I made sure to start with other colors on the jaw underneath the cheekbones so you can really see the edges and that helps get the skull idea better.

Step 6: Filling in the Black Parts

For this part I used waterbased facepaint to really get a pitch black colour. i used this on all the empty spaces except for the eye sockets.

Step 7: Filling in the Eye Sockets

For the eye sockets I used a blue glitter. If you are going to be working with glitter make sure that you have 2 things.
1: cosmetic glitter, don't use regular craft glitter cause this might damage your eye if it gets in your eye.
2: make sure to use a glitter primer, glitters don't really stick to normal face primers and you'll get a hell of a lot of fall out.

Step 8: Creating and Filling in the Teeth

To create the teeth I used black bodypaint again. on top of that I went in with the glitter primer and then used a small eyeliner brush to place the glitter on the teeth. Don't be afraid to go back over the teeth again with the bodypaint to make sure that the lines are nice and crisp

Step 9: Putting in Contacts

This step is optional, but it does make your look more kick ass!

Contacts! For this look I used white mesh contacts which make your eyes look entirely white.
You can see out of them, but it is a bit tricky.

You can get the contacts here:

and you can use my promo code to get a couple of bucks off : MirandavanrFPT

Step 10: Final Result!

I hope you guys liked it! Happy halloween!

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