Introduction: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Makeup!

Hey whatsup! in this little tutorial i'm going to show you how I created this look inspired by the movie poster of the 5th Pirates movie!

Step 1: How To: Pirates of the Caribbean Makeup!

If you want to see a short video on how I did this, or want see more of my work you can follow me on instagram! @Mirandavanr :)

Step 2: Trace Your Face

For the first step it's probably the best to trace out where the skull part of your face will be. i did this using a nyx eyebrow pencil. I wanted the socket, nose, and jaw of the skull to show so i traced about half of my face

Step 3: Adding Foundation

if you have troublesome skin like me, or just like foundation then this is the time to apply it. You could apply it over your entire face but since half of it is going to be covered up in paint anyway that would be a shame of product so i just applied it on the 'normal' side of my face

Step 4: Fill in Your Eyebrow

Only one eyebrow is going to show so i'm just filling that one in with the same nyx eyebrow pencil.

Step 5: Create a Smokey Eye

i know this all isn't really neccesary for the skull part but since it's still a pirate look I went for a dirty smokey eye. I feel like that gives the pirate vibe better rather than just skipping it and only doing the skull part

Step 6: Don't Give Up You're Halfway There!

Now the fun part begins :)

Step 7: Tracing the Skull

Taking, once again, my nyx brow pencil i'm tracing the skull lines so i'll know where not to paint in the next step. (inside of jaw, eyesocket)

Step 8: Creating a Base Colour

The skull on the movie poster looks more dark grey than black, so I mixed Mehron's paradise paints together to create this colour. And with that i'm filling in half of my face. I made sure to create a crisp line at the edge of the skull part so the 'pulling the skin' effect at the end will look more real

Step 9: The Eyesocket

Another reason why I didn't paint the skull black is because I want the eyesocket to show. If you made your skull black, the eyesocket will just blend in and won't be visible enough.

It helps to poke around your skin and feel where your real eyesocket is, and just trace that and fill it in.
there's a big chance that the paint on your eyelid will crease, so to counter that you can set it with a black eyeshadow or a translucent powder

Step 10: Adding the Details (1/3)

With mehron's gold pigment (you mix these with a special liquid and they turn into paints) I started recreating the details. It's best to keep the example picture with you while doing this

Step 11: Adding the Details (2/3)

Step 12: Adding the Details (2/3)

Step 13: Filling in the Jaw

The jaw's inside is black and the edges (teeth, gums) are silver. I used mehron's silver pigment to fill these in. Some of the teeth are gold, and one tooth has a red diamond on top of it.

Step 14: Creating the Skin Pulling Effect

Alrighty, so I wanted to make it look like i'm pulling my skin and the skull underneath comes up.

For this step i kept my hand in position most of the time so i knew where the lines should be.
To create this effect you take an eyeshadow that is darker than your skintone (in my case a cold brown) and start drawing lines outwards from where your finger is. then you blend those lines towards your normal side of the face. The lines should be sharp at the skull side, and fade out towards your normal face.

Then you can highlight the spaces in between the lines with an eyeshadow that is lighter than your skin (or even a white shadow) and then your effect is complete :)

Step 15: Finished Makeup Look!

And here is the result! I also added the earring/dreadlock thingy from the poster because that just pulls it a little more together.

I am really proud of this look and i hope you liked it!

Once again if you did, you can follow me on instagram for more! @Mirandavanr
(if you do , let me know that would be cool)

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