Introduction: Rainbow Loom Candy Cane Charm ♡

Christmas is coming, & for all you loomers out there, I bet you want to do something Christmas- like, so, here it is!

Step 1: What You Will Need

The amount of bands you'll need depends how long you want your candy cane. I want my candy cane long, so that's why I conjoined my 2 looms. 25 White colored Rubber bands & 13 red rubber bands are just for ONE loom ( I put those rubber band amounts because I know that not a lot of people have 2 looms ). But, if you have 2 Looms combined like shown on the pictures, the rubber band amounts vary to each person. I suggest that if you're going to make this Candy Cane an ornament, use 2 looms. But using one loon is okay too.

Step 2: Placing the Bands

Start with your loom with the red arrow pointing away from you ( sorry i don't have a red arrow on mine ) . We are going to use bands 3 at a time, and go in a pattern: White, white, red. white, white, red. We are going to use just one side of the loom. I recommend that if you are right handed, place your bands on the right, & if you are left handed, place your bands on the left. DO NOT PLACE YOUR BANDS IN THE CENTER! IT WILL MAKE IT HARDER FOR YOU TO HOOK. Well, remember that pattern? We are going to do the pattern while overlapping the bands. Do this until you get your size wanted.

Step 3: Hooking

We are almost done! Turn your loom around so that the red arrow is pointing to you. You should have 1 red rubber band left over. Cap the band 3x to the 3 bands that are closer to you. Now, go under the cap band and get all the 3 rubber bands with your hook, go up & then place it in front so that it forms a teardrop shape. Now do the same thing: go through the red rubber bands then loop it over the top and to the peg in front of it. Keep repeating this until you get to the very end.

Step 4: The Slip Knot.

Now, take ONE white rubber band and put it on your hook ( Pic 1 ). Then, slip your hook ( with the rubber band on it ) through the last bands ( pic 3 ). MAKE SURE YOU GET ALL OF THE BANDS BEFORE YOU TAKE IT OFF, OR IT WILL FALL APART. Next you hold the rubber band on one side with your hand and with the other side , you bring it up ( pic 3 ) & put it with the side on the hook ( pic 4 ). Now you are going to bring the side thats closest to the back of the hook and cross it with the other ( pic 5 ). Then you grab ( with your hands ) the side thats now closest to you and at the same time, put the end thats on the hook through the side you're holding, and tighten.

Step 5: Making It Look Like a Candy Cane

Start taking off the Candy cane from the cap band and carefully remove it. Pictures 4, 5, & 6 show how to handle a problem if you remove it quickly. Anyway, now to making it look like a cane. It should look like a snake now Lol ?. But we are just going to hide the slip knot. So carefully slide your hook into a loop. Then grab the slip knot & pull it through. Make sure you do not have any other rubber bands on your hook as well. If another piece is still showing, hide that too!!
I hope you enjoyed this Instructable as much as I enjoyed making it. If you have questions on this, leave it in the comments. ???