Introduction: Rainbow Loom French Braid Bracelet Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show u how to make an easy Rainbow Loom French Braid Bracelet.

Step 1: Materials

A metal hook

A Monster tail loom

I use 3 colors (pink, green and black). You can use any colors you want. For each color I use around 18 rubber bands.

I use S-clip (you can also use C-clip)

Step 2: Lay Down Cross Band

Start with a pink rubber band twisted across 2 middle pegs

Then a green rubber band twisted Left to Right pegs

Step 3: Add Loop Band

Loop a pink rubber band in middle pegs

Loop a green rubber band in Left to Right pegs

Step 4: Unhook Bands

Unhook middle bands into middle

Unhook Left to Right bands into middle

Step 5: Lay Down Next Band Layer

I loop the pink band to middle pegs

then loop a black band into Left to Right pegs

I unhook bottom bands

Repeat the pattern

Step 6: Adjust the Bracelet Length

Around 18 bands fit my wrist

Add additional bands to fit your wrist

Step 7: Add S-Clip to Bracelet

I unhook bands from 3 pegs into 1 middle peg

then I remove all the bands with the hook and fit into my finger

I then hook the S-Clip into 1 end of bracelet

Hook the other bracelet end to the S-Clip to complete the bracelet

Step 8: Result

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Step 9: