Introduction: Rainbow Loom: Grand Illusion Bracelet

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Here are instructions on how to make an easy, simple, and beautiful bracelet using anything from two pencils to a rainbow loom to a fork! As you can see, it looks very nice in many colors.

Step 1: Starting Out

I will be using a monster tail loom for this tutorial, but as I said earlier, you only have to have something with two pegs. First, place one of your border colors on your two pegs so it looks line an infinity symbol. THIS IS THE ONLY TWISTED BAND YOU WILL PLACE.

Step 2: Placing and Twisting

Next, place another border colored band on top of the twisted band. THIS BAND IS NOT TWISTED. Next, take your hook and two of the center colored bands. Twist each of the two bands onto your hook four times each, one at a time. You should now have eight loops on your hook.

Step 3: Looping

Take one of your center colored bands. Put it on the end of your hook and slide the eight loops made by the two rubber bands onto the center colored band. Place this band on top of the other two, careful to keep all the center colored loops on it. Next, take the bottom right and left bands on the bottom of your two pegs and loop them over the other rubber bands, making sure they stay on the outside of the center colored bands.

Step 4: Continuing the Braclet

Make another "middle border" band by taking another two middle bands, twisting them each onto your hook four times, and slipping them onto a center band (see step two). Place this band on top of your two pegs. Then loop the bottom right and left bands up, again making sure the bands are on the outside of the middle band. Repeat this step until your bracelet is the desired length.

Step 5: Finishing It Off

When your bracelet is long enough, loop up the bottom right and left bands so you now have only one band on each peg.Take a "C" or an "S" clip, I will be using a "C" clip, and put it on the two loops that are the first band you placed, the cap band. Then put it through the two loops on your pegs. Your bracelet is now finished!