Introduction: Rainbow Loom Ladder Bracelet

This bracelet is so cute and cool.
Love It!

Step 1: Supplies

1. Rainbow loom
2. Crochet hook or rainbow loom hook
3. Rubber bands
4. C-clip or s-clip

Step 2: Placing the Border Bands

Place your border color bands where I did on my loom.

Step 3: Placing the Ladder Bands

Place more border colors where I did for the ladder effect.

Step 4: Placing the Middle Bands

Place your other color or colors where I did  for the middle part of your ladder.

Step 5: Capping the Bracelet Off

If you don't know how to cap a bracelet off look at my Taffy Twist instructable for the details.

Step 6: Starting to Loop the Middle Bands

Go under the capping band and grab the first band and it should be the one you pull forward and then after loop the whole middle row until the top.

Step 7: What It Should Look Like

This is what it should look like after you loop the middle row.

Step 8: Place Another Set of Ladder Effect Bands

For this step you have to place one last set of ladder effect bands right over top of the other ones.

Step 9: Looping the Border Bands and Making a Slip Knot

Loop the border bands like what I have done in the photo. Going under each band and grabbing the bottom one. Making a slip knot is simple if you don't know how go back to my Taffy Twist instructable and it will give you the details.

Step 10: Finished Result

This is what the finished result should look like. If you need to add and extension go back to my Taffy Twist instructable. Thank you for looking.

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