Introduction: Rainbow Loom Triple Diagonal Stripe

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This is a rainbow loom bracelet that i created literally sitting on my couch doing homework. That was some boring homework!

Step 1: Supplies!

You will need your loom, three different colored bands, a hook and c or s clip.

Step 2: The Outline!

Place your loom with arrows facing away from you. Take your first colored band and stretch it from the first pin at the bottom middle, the the first pin at the bottom left. Now do a new band from the bottom left to the second left. Continue like this till you get to the before last pin. Stretch your band from the pin it is on (left before last pin) to the last middle pin.
Do the same for the other side.

Step 3: The Middle Strip!

Now using the same color, make a strip going from the bottom middle pin to the last middle pin, at the top.

Step 4: The Stripes!

Now for the stripes, place a second color band from the first left pin to the second middle pin, and a new band from the second middle pin to the second right pin.
In a third color, stretch a band from the second left pin to the third middle pin, and a new band from the third middle pin to the third right pin continue in this pattern, alternating colors as you go.

Step 5: Cap Band Time!

Place the doubled cap bands on all the pins in the right side, the same color as the band of the stripe.
Place one first color cap band on the last middle pin.

Step 6: Looping the Stripes!

Turn the loom around so you can begin. Push the cap band back (see pictures) and grab the first colored stripe band and pull it to the middle peg in its diagonal row. Do this again with the middle peg.
Same proses for all stripes, so push back all bands, including cap band, and grab first colored cap band, then same till next peg.

Step 7: The Outline and Middle Stripe!

Looping these is the same as looping a single. Push back all other bands, and loop it till next peg. Finish them all on the top middle peg.

Step 8: Finish It Up!

Now, slide your hook under the top bands and grab another band of your choice!! C-clip it and there you have it! You may now remove!

Thanks for reading in! Love to hear your comments on this and how it turns out for you!