Introduction: Rainbow Melted Crayon Decor

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Hi, for this instructable, I will be showing you how to make a quick(ish) decor. This melted crayon decor is really fun to make and you can do it at home with your children if you want. I hope you enjoy this and try it yourself.

Step 1: Get Your Canvas

First you want to get a canvas. I used a 16 x 20in but you can use which ever size you would like to use.

Step 2: Get Crayons and Sort Them Out

Once you've got the canvas and the size, get crayons. For this you can use any color and they can be used or not its all your preference you use for the crayons. Make sure you have enough crayons to put on the top of your canvas. I suggest you give about one crayon size worth of space on the ends or it'll drip off the edges.

Step 3: Peel

This part is optional but i suggest you do peel the crayons or it could cause a fire and it looks better without the paper around it. Note: if you have fake nails on while doing this art project, I suggest you take them off. Its really hard to peel them with the fake nails on. Plus its really painful.

Step 4: Print Out Pictures

This part is also optional but what I wanted to put little pictures on the bottom of the canvas to give it a little cool effect with the metled crayon dripping down to it. I printed out three pcitures: one of two girls kissing, one girl and one boy kissing and two boys kissing to show equality. I like the silohette effect and suggest that if you do choose to use the pictures Idea to make sure they are silohette if you want.

Once you picked and printed out the picture(s), cut them out of the paper.

Step 5: Glue

Next, you want to glue on the pictures and crayons. For the pictures, I used tacky glue but a glue stick or elmers glue can work as well.

Then, of course, glue on the crayons on the top of the canvas, I turned the canvas around when glueing on the crayons so I didn't have to reach over the whole canvas. At first I tried using a hot glue gun to glue the crayons on but the heat made the crayons melt off the canvas so I also used tacky glue for it.

Note: if you have broken crayons you can just glue them together then glue them to the canvas. That seemed to be the easiest way with the broken ones.

Step 6: Tape

Once you've got everything glued down, wait a little bit to start the melting process so you can let everything dry. I decided to eat and that didn't take too long just about 10 mins was long enough.

When its dried, make sure you tape the pictures so they don't get crayon on them. You need to make sure that the whole picture is covered and maybe a little bit more just in case it seeps through the tape.

Step 7: Melt

To melt, I used a hair dryer but I hear a torch or anything that creates hot air works. Other than the peeling crayons part, this step does take time. I thought it was easier and quicker to start on one section and make your way over but you can do however way you want. Also make sure you have a piece a cardboard or old newspapers on the ground so you don't get wax on the ground or table wherever you decide to work on.

Step 8: Final Look

Once you're done melting slowly peel off the tape so you dont take the picture with the tape. I really liked how it turned out all though the melted crayon got a little bit on the ballons of the pictures. But all in all I think its a really fun art project to try out even just once.

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