Introduction: Rainbow Rainbow

A rainbow on a sunny day where each object is spelled out in string art with its corresponding color in nature (Rainbow in multicolor, clouds in white and gray, and the sun in shades of red, orange, and yellow)


Lots of different color string (at least 2 shades per color), sewing pins, or map pins, a foam board and scissors. I used a pencil to draw it out first, but not necessary.

Step 1: Map Out Your Drawing

Use a pencil to lightly draw your picture so you can have an idea where you want everything placed.

Step 2: Place Pins

If you have lettering, do one at a time. If you have pictures, do one color at a time.

Place the pins on the outline of the shape, object or letter you want to do. Find an easily accessible pin and tie your first color around that pin and make a knot. Cut off the excess. Outline the letter or shape with your string. After the object is outlined, use the string to criss cross the inside of the letter or object in any pattern you choose.

If you would like to do a second color, repeat the process above.

Step 3: Continue With Remainder of Picture

Repeat the pins and string with each item on your art piece. Because the pins can be unstable and are hard to maneuver around, it is best to do one object at a time until you have put as much string and color as you want. Then move on to the next object. (If you are a righty, move from the left side of your project to the right so your hand doesn't knock over pins. If you are a lefty, you might want to start on the right side and move left).

At the end of each color, tie off the string with a double knot on one of the pins. Cut off the excess string.

Repeat for all on your picture.

Step 4:

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