Introduction: Rainbow Rock Queen

A princess with hair of colorful rocks painted in all different patterns with all the unique colors.


- Cup with water

-paint brushes -rocks

- white canvas

- acrylic paints

-water colors

-paper plate to put paints on

Step 1: Step One:canvas

Get the canvas then grab a pencil,draw her on with her dress with waves a rose belt and magic coming from her arms,l then outline her with a black pen

then draw (with a pencil) a heart with a platypus inside of it with humps around the heart,the platypus wearing a rose crown

Step 2: Step 2 :color

paint some shadow on the dress then paint the dress

then her skin color and her lipstick

then coloring the heart and platypus

Step 3: Step 3: the Rocks

Now you will first wash your rocks if you got them from your backyard (i did)

Then paint all the rocks you want in any desgin you want then

let them dry

Step 4: Step 4: the Hair Color

Then get water color paints and paint her, hair first in water color everywhere try not to get it out of the hair lines

Then get acrylic paint painting all around her hair, covering up as many white spots as you can.

Step 5: Step 5:The Full on Design

You will now grab your glue gun after the canvas had dried and start gluing on the rocks.

The crystal rocks are first this is optional for the crystal rocks

Then go to the side with the rocks connecting each rock to other going back and forth connecting the rocks

til you do not have any more rocks except 4

the last 4 will be put out side the heart one rock at the top other at bottom one on left and one on the right

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