Introduction: Rainbow Fidget Spinner From Old CD Without Bearing

As you know, fidget spinner has become a most popular toy now a days. Frankly speaking, own made everything is more adorable to us. Although my spinner does not spins as long as a ready made one, but it will give you so much enjoyment to make, design and play with your own fidget spinner which you will learn to make with me.

Including, a fidget spinner is also being used for getting release of stress.Let's start making it.

Step 1: Materials We Need.

1.An old CD

2.A piece of paper for making spinner design

3.2 bottle caps

4.Pencil and a permanent marker

5.A cutter

6.One pair scissors

7.Coloring papers(if you wanna decorate your spinner)/ coloring marker

8.A scale

9.Glue (you can use hot glue gun;also can enroll glue class)

10.Toothpick or stick( I used toothpick)

Step 2: Making a Design for Your Spinner

Make a design as you like on a paper and cut it out.

Step 3: Cut the CD and Design

Are you following me? If you, then do as I am doing for making an amazing project.

Let's begin. Set the design on your CD disk.Mark the outlines on CD with a permanent marker.Then cut out the CD as the marking.

Now design with color paper/coloring marker as beautiful as you can. Don't cover up the reflector side fully, because an amazing surprise is waiting for you.

One thing I wanna share with you that you can see at the second picture I have broken one of the arm of the spinner.But thank god I could join it because of glue.

Step 4: Center Holder

It's time for making the center holder by which you will hold the spinner.Let's make it.

Make a small hole at the center of a bottle cap and pass away the toothpick.Now pass the toothpick via the hole of the CD.Then, enter the other side of the toothpick at the hole of the other cap.It is high time you glue the stick/toothpick with the cap following that there remains gap between the CD and the caps.Otherwise your spinner will not spin well.At last cut out the extra toothpick with your scissors.

Step 5: The Last One : Decoration

Truly speaking, you have more artistic,designing and adorable looking view that you are able to make more better and praising than me.Now decorate your spinner and spin it under a light or sun ray.An amazing surprise is waiting for you.You will see the spinner uncovered side glowing with seven color of light. Isn't it awesome?And that's why I named it rainbow spinner.

If you have made it then push the"I made it" button.I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Special note:Children under 10 years old should not try to cut CD ownself.They had better take help from olders.