Introduction: 3D Printed and Hand Painted Rainbow Unicorn Terramundi Jar

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Myself and my partner Emma did this together which was a great partnership of 3D printing and design/hand painting. This project came about when we decided to save for a holiday so a classic Terramundi jar sprung to mind which is great for saving up £2 coins. It's amazing how much you can save when you completely fill one of these up!

After checking on thingiverse there was well one result but it was perfect so i set about printing the file, it was quite surprising how much filament it took. 3D design file

Once the print was finished after 13hrs a primer was applied and it was sanded many times.

Step 1: Base Layer and the Design Begins

A white base layer was applied and the design work begun, a white car spray paint was used for an even finish. As with the primer layer the white layer was sanded and a few coats applied.

Emma drew out the design in pencil tweaking as required. It was done freehand and didn't need to be 100% accurate as it would be over laid in paint which would mask the drawing.

Step 2: The Fun Part, Painting!

Acrylic paints were used which went down extremely well onto the white base layer. Bright colours were used to be as vibrant as possible and Emma really went to town for the full unicorn experience :-)

The final step was to seal the Jar with a layer of clear crystal gloss.

Step 3: Final Thoughts

We were really happy with the project and will be great for saving. We did however think that having it as a one time use is quite a waste so when it comes time to empty i think we may drill out a hole in the bottom to empty then make a plug of sorts rather than binning the whole design as a lot of time and money has went into making it. Next time i'd either use a design which is made for reuse or modify it myself in fusion.

Overall though were chuffed :-)

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