Introduction: Rainbowloom Bow

This tutorial is my original bow tutorial so, it might help you.

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

In this project,we'll be needing:

1. A loom
2. A hook - I used a crochet hook ( tulip )
3. Rubber bands
A- 20 bands ( mine are violet )
B- 2 bands ( mine are white )
4. Fishtail - optional ( I attached the ribbon there )

Step 2: Analyzing

As you can see, there are two triangles & one rectangle. And from there, we'll be starting first with those two triangles, ( they are connected )

Step 3: Placing Your Bands

Image 1: position your loom in that way
2: place place your first band
3 : second
4: third, place your band in 45 degree position as shown
5: again
6-8: put your bands in W position.
9: put a band below the W as shown.
10: place a band between the second band and the | of the W
11: the position of your bands should look like this

Step 4: Repeating

Repeat the step #3 and then proceed to the next step.

Step 5: CAP BAND!

Twist one band three times in your hook.
- it was twisted three times so that it would not be obvious in the ribbon or bow

Step 6: Hooking

After putting your cap band in the most end, you could now start the hooking process

Ps. Follow the images shown :)))))

Step 7: Repeating

Please repeat the step #6

Step 8: Taking the Bow Off

Using your hook, you can now remove the bow, and to lock it, put a single band at the end then knot it or whatever you want on how to lock it

Step 9: DONE!!!

After, you can now attach it into the bracelet or just as a charm.

If you have comments, suggestions and results, feel free to say it!

Thank you!