Introduction: Ram Ladoo / Moong Dal Ke Ladoo

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Ram ladoo recipe is famous Indian street food recipe. This is very common Delhi street style evening snacks tea time food.

Chana Dal/ Bengal Gram – ½ cup soaked overnight Washed Moong Dal/ Washed Green Gram – 1 cup soaked overnight Grated Carrot – 2 pcs Grated Radish – 3 pcs Green Chilli- 2 pcs Lemon – 1 tsp Salt, Cumin seeds – 1 tsp Mustard Oil – for frying Fresh Coriander – ½ cup Green coriander chutney, Tamarind chutney – for garnishing

Step 1:


1. Grind both the soaked dals separately in a mixer grinder. The paste should not be too fine. Mix the paste of both the dals together.

2. Beat the batter till it gets light and fluffy. To test the batter, drop little amount of batter in water. It should float on top of water. If batter sinks, then continue beating. Beating can be done using hands or beater.

3. Add salt, cumin seeds, asafoetida / hing powder. Hing is optional but it can be added to enhance the taste and is also good for digestion. The batter for ram ladoo is ready.

4. Heat mustard oil for frying the ram ladoos. Put in balls of ram ladoo using hands in the heated oil. Fry till the ladoos gets a golden brown colour and are cooked properly. Frying should be done on medium flame. Once fried, take out the ram ladoos on tissue paper.

5. For serving, place ram ladoos in a plate, top with grated radish, carrot, both chutney, fresh coriander, lemon juice. Ram ladoo plate is ready to serve.