Introduction: Ranch Chicken

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just curious how it would taste , I remember finding the recipe a while back and the recent cold and rainy weather made me think to try it .

Step 1: Crock Pot Ranch Chicken

I cant stress enough how much i love crock pot liners!

for this recipe you need

3 chicken breast

1 can cream chicken

1 pack ranch dressing

1 pack italian seasoning

1/2 (4oz) cream cheese

Step 2: Prep

Prepping takes almost a whole 5 minutes so better be ready for long wait times. !

I cubed the chicken dumped into the pot ,

Mixed the ingredients in a separate bowl (NOT the Cream cheese that comes in later. ) , then poured over chicken cubes.

Step 3: Cook

cook on high for 2-3 hours (low 4-5)

Just before you are ready to eat add half a block of cream cheese , Stir it in , let rest . drink a small amount of wine while you wait. I will be adding some white rice to this . (not pictured )

Step 4: Prepare Your Mouth for the Awesomeness .

it's a tiny bit salty but all in all not a bad dish .

might try adding a little water next time to thin it out ( maybe a 1/4 cup ) but all in all this will be a fine meal tonight .