Introduction: Random Found Items Glued to Plywood

About: I am a mom of 3, a grandmother of 6, and an accountant. My hobbies are gardening and woodworking.

When I bought my first house as a single mom, I quickly realized I could do whatever I wanted without consequence. This was around the same time I discovered liquid nails.

When I found items around the house, I would glue them to the unfinished basement wall near my washer and dryer. Heads of barbies, small green plastic soldiers, forgotten happy meal toys, small socks, expired ID cards, lip gloss. Under 2 inches, it went on the wall. After 15 years, the whole entire wall had things stuck to it. It was pretty awesome. I regret that I never took a picture of it.

Fast forward to 2018.

Step 1: Final Fridays Artwalk

One rainy day, I went to a Final Fridays artwalk and saw that a local woodworker/artist had made a piece of art by gluing wood and found objects to a piece of plywood. It was like I had found my brother from another mother! Inspired, I went home and copied him.

Step 2: Gorilla Glue

For this project, I started with crazy glue, which was gone in 60 seconds. I then switched to no-foam gorilla glue, which is my fave. Need to apply a bit of pressure to whatever you've glued, otherwise it floats on the glue forever.

My advice: Go crazy!

Step 3: The End

This is a fun way to use scrap wood, clean out your junk drawer, be creative, and utilize your odd and weird objects that are too special to throw away. I regret gluing my spare iphone charger though. Sometimes I get carried away.