Introduction: Raspberry Frozen Pops

This refreshing summer treat is "berry' good for you . ( I  must warn you, my camera isn't the best, so the images might be fuzzy)

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need...

1 cup fresh raspberries
2 tablespoons raspberry syrup
1 1/2 cups raspberry yogurt


measuring cups
measuring spoons
small mixing bowls
4 Popsicle sticks
paper cups
(I'm sure you all know what they look like)

Step 2: Mixing

Mix the yogurt and syrup together until they are blended. Fold the raspberries in gently.

Step 3: Pouring

Pour the mixture evenly into paper cups. Put a popsicle stick int the middle of each cup.

Step 4:

Step 5: Enjoy

Tear the paper cup away from frozen pop and enjoy! Please vote for me!

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