Introduction: Raspberry Pi Smart TV and Gaming Console

Have a non-smart TV lying around your house or considering to buy a Chromecast, Firestick or perhaps a gaming console? Let's make one ourselves.

We'll be dual booting our raspberry pi with Lakka and OSMC. Lakka for emulating games and OSMC for video streaming services.


  1. Raspberry pi (I'm using model 3 b)
  2. Memory card
  3. Keyboard
  4. Card reader
  5. HDMI cable
  6. TV with HDMI port

Step 1: Getting NOOBS and Starting Raspberry Pi

The first step is setting up your Raspberry pi and getting NOOBS on it.

Follow this tutorial if you are a complete beginner:

Else, download NOOBS directly from the given link:

I'm using NOOBS Lite.

Connect the prepared momory card to Raspberry pi and boot it up.

Step 2: Selecting the OS (Multiple)

You'll have to connect to WIFI if you are using NOOBS Lite. From the menu that appears, select Lakka and OSMC and press 'i' to start the installation.

Step 3: Adding Plugins for Video Streaming

Once done with the installation, select OSMC from the boot menu. Complete the initial setup like selecting your language and region and connecting to a wifi network. Next, go to settings>system>add-ons> check unknown souces checkbox.

Now go to add-on browser> install from repository , and select the add-ons for services you want such as youtube.

Step 4: Adding Games to Lakka

Restart raspberry pi and this time select Lakka as the OS. Connect to WIFI and go to

Online Updater > Content Downloader and select the emulator. You'll get a list of downloadable games for that emulator. Press enter on the game you want. Now go back to main screen and go to 'Import content' tab > Scan Directory > Downloads > Scan this directory.

You'll see a new tab on the Main menu now.

Go to that tab, select your game > Run. For the very first time, it'll ask you to select an emulator from a list of usable emulators. Select one which you feel is the best and Enjoy!

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