Introduction: Rat Tricks

Rat tricks

Step 1: Rats

Rats are a veary good pet. there loyal,fun,smart, And veary clean

And training them is even more fun

you can train your rat to do a lot of things like play basket ball,

Or geting a penny and bringing it to you.

Step 2:

I have heard in a video that cherios is a great treat for your rat but i am not so shure about that.

ONE- I have not tried it yet

TWO- well i realy dont know why i put 2

Whatever. But I do know they LOVE peas

Step 3:

but any ways, you should probly train your rat on a carpet away from loud noises or cats and dogs

it is most likely to start with calling your ratie's name, And when they come reward them with a treat

Step 4:

this is a video ov calling your rat

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