Introduction: Raven Mask

This is something i did for art class at school. simple materials and the mask didn't cost that much. basically its made by fitting a ski mask or silk balaclava over a head similar to yours and gluing(hot glue for better support) on pieces of foam to form somewhat of a raven skull. from there its all duct taped down along with the beak. the beak is made of cardboard stacked on each other in layers to form that sort of long raven type beak. from there the t shirt is applied in large strips on top to drape it and  give it that beard look. then some cheap clear plastic(like the kind on toy packages) is cut out and painted yellow on the inside with acrylic paint so the outside naturally glosses and shines like a real eye. then the black feathers are cut into a v shape at the tips and glued on one by one in layers to give it fullness. the stockings are then placed over the eye holes your the mask and viola! a raven mask!
 2 furniture foam sheets (walmart)
glue gun
masking tape/duct tape
dull acrylic paint
TONS of black craft feathers (about six or seven 14 ounce bags, you might have a few left over bu thats good for future touch ups)
thin ski mask/ silk balaclava/ anything of the sort
Black t shirt/ fabric
black stocking or other see through fabric
someone with head similar to yours. 

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