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This year my family dressed up as the Teen Titans for Halloween. We went with the style from Teen Titans Go rather than the original since it was a little more light and simple. I was in charge of the vast majority of all the costumes. It was a lot of work and a race against time to get it all together but it got done in time.

I got to be Raven. She is the coolest!

Most of the costume is easily put together with regular clothes. I bought the cape on Wish for about $8.

I would not wear the unitard thing raven has so I bought this long shirt/short dress thing from Wish for about $4

I could not find purple socks. I just dyed a pair of white panty hose purple and cut off the feet to make long socks to fold down.

And add some black shoes.

Step 1: Gems

I made my own molds for the gems. You can probably buy some gem molds that would work though.

I used air dry clay to shape my gems. The picture here shows the gems for Raven and Starfire.

I used Easy Mold putty to make the molds. Just follow the instructions in the box. One to one ratio of the white to the purple putty and press the gem into it. Make sure it is thicker on the bottom so you can press it down to make it flat so it will sit without falling over.

When the molds are done, cast them in resin.

I used clear Easy Cast Resin. Its one to one ratio of resin to hardener.

To color it, I tried several ways.

I used acrylic paint, oil paint. and the expensive resin tint stuff. I wasn't really satisfied with any of them, but the tint was the best I think.

So mix up and tint your resin and pour in the molds and let set.

You need one small diamond, one ovalish shape for the brooch, and 3 large diamond like shapes for the belt.

Since I only made one mold for the belt gems, I had to cast them one at a time, which meant 3 different resin batches, so they all ended up different shades of red. I solved this by just spray painting them with red krylon since Raven's gems are pretty solid red, not transparent. So save yourself the time and money and don't worry about coloring the resin for the belt gems, just use spray paint.

Step 2: Brooch

For Raven's Brooch, I used foam. Same foam as I used in my Robin 'ible: anti fatigue mats.

I free handed the shape on the foam.

Cut it out, Cut slits in the "corners" and a wedge connecting the slits.

Glue the wedge closed and the slits together. Use the heat gun to help shape it.

Take the brooch gem and trace it on the the foam.

Cut out a snug hole for the gem to fit in.

Spray paint the brooch yellow.

Glue in the gem.

If you add a layer of clear coat, the gem will be shinier.

Step 3: Put It Together

To attach the belt gems:

Cut a length of sticky back velcro to fit on the back of the gem.

Put the pieces of velcro together so the sticky sides are facing out.

Peel off the backing of one side and stick it to the back of a gem. Do this with all 3.

Put on the dress/unitard thing and look the mirror to help with the placement of the gems.

When you have it where you want it, peel off the backing of the velcro and stick it on. Press it firmly. Repeat with other 2 gems.

Peel the gems off.

Sew the velcro to the dress.

Now you can remove and replace the gems.

The brooch:

I also use velcro to attach the broach. Put several pieces around the edges of the brooch. Put on the cape and position the brooch. Using the same method as above, stick the brooch to the cape.

The forehead gem:

I stuck it on with a little spirit gum. The resin is pretty flexible. It will bend to the curve of your forehead and the spirit gum holds it fine.

***I tried the temporary purple hair color spray stuff, it did not work one bit. So I was a blond Raven.

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