Introduction: Razor Scooter Pouch

need a razor scooter pouch? You’re on the right instructables

Step 1:

Obtain a piece of felt, use two wooden sticks to form part of the base, glue one wooden stick horizontally on each side

Step 2:

next measure the length need for the vertical wooden sticks and glue on each slide

Step 3:

Next cut the long blue felt in half and align each half on opposite sides of the base horizontally. Once they are align make sure to glue the blue felt to the base.

Step 4:

Next fold the blue felt over itself on each side and glue in order to make it shorter. You can also just cut the felt.

Step 5:

Next make a section for a water bottle out of the wooden sticks.

Step 6:

Afterwards measure the length of the blue felt on a wooden stick and cut it. Do this four times. Glue those piece on each side on top of each corner.

Step 7:

Next align another piece of felt to the side of the base, opposite of the previous felt. Glue the felt to the sides. Fold the felt over the vertical wooden sticks you just glued on. Glue the folded felt.

Step 8:

Now glue all sides together to form a box.

Step 9:

Next you must create a cover. To do so, grab a long piece of felt and glue it to the blue felt.

Step 10:

Add velcro to the newly added piece of felt and the structure to create a cover seal.

Step 11:

Grab any scratch piece of felt to make the handles. Measure the correct length of the handles for your razor scooter. Add velcro to be able to wrap around your scooter.

Step 12:

Create two straps and glue them on to the pouch.

Step 13:

To create more support, add wooden sticks to any part that needs them. For example, I used them to create more stability