Introduction: Razorback Clock

I made this clock for my grandparents for Christmas. This project takes some time and dedication, but when you get done it will all be worth it.

Step 1: Step: 1 Getting Prepared

To get started you will need a cnc machine I used an X- Carve, and a solid piece off wood. The clock I made was 30 inches by 30 inches. You can make it whatever size you want. You will need to familiarize your self with the Easel program on the Inventable's website. Then you will need to design and build the clock face that you want. I went with an Arkansas Razorback logo.

Step 2: Step:2 the Design

You will need to go to and create an account so all your projects save and are stored on their server. Then import images that you save to your computer into easel and then the image will show up on the grid, and a preview of what the final project will look like pops up on the right. Then you have the design process down, and are ready to carve out the images from wood you have selected.

Step 3: Step:3 the Carving Process

Next you put your piece of wood on the cnc table and secure stable to the table. You would then click carve on the Easel website and move the router to the bottom left corner of the board and lower the router to where the bit is almost touches the board. you do all that with the arrows on the Easel website. Then you turn on the router and click carve and then you start to see the magic happen. Depending on what you are cutting out and the size of the project determines how long this will take. The clock I made had a total of 18 hours of carving time but it all turned out phenomenal.

Step 4: Step: 4 Stain and Paint

You will need to find the center of the clock. My clock was square so all I had to do was connect the opposite corners with a line and then i drilled a 5/16 hole where the lines intersected. Them I sanded everything with 120 grit sandpaper then with 220 grit to make it smoother than butter. Then it came time for staining it. To do that i dipped a rag in the stain and ran it across the clocks face and sides. Then wiped the stain off with a rag to get all the puddled up spots gone. Then painted everything that was engraved black with acrylic paint. Then sprayed several layers of polyurethane over the entire clock face and sides to protect it. Then all that is left is to insert the clock motor through the back of the clock and out the hands on it, then your'e done. you have a finished project that is professional looking and can be put anywhere.

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