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Introduction: Rethread Your Hoodie (in Less Than 1 Minute) - Life Hack

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If you've ever lost the drawstring on your favorite hoody, gym shorts, or sweatpants, you know it's not easy to shove that thing back in there. Here is a solution to re-string your hoodie using a straw and a stapler.

Watch my video tutorial here: Rethread your Hoodie

Pretty cool, huh ?? :-D

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Step 1: Problem !

Step 2: Solution !

Take a straw....and put one end of the string into the straw... maybe 1" is enough

Step 3: Stapler

Fix the string with a time

Step 4: Re-String

Put the straw into your hoodie and pull him through...

Step 5: Remove

Remove straw /clamp carefully...

Step 6: Done !

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    2 Discussions


    1 year ago

    It works it’s just better if you use scotch tape


    4 years ago

    You've made something along the lines of a "fid" which can be used in rope splicing.

    So, there actually IS a way to push a string!