Introduction: Re-Use an Old Wood Hand Saw for Decoration

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I had this old rusty hand saw around my garage, wondering what I should, or could do with it. I think it is cool how people paint pictures on old crosscut saws and sawmill blades. I am in no way, shape, or form, a painter. I also don't have a crosscut saw. So I found some things I could use to spruce up the beat up hand saw.

Step 1: Remove the Handle/Bolts

This saw had bolts in it when I first got it. Took them out when I first intended to do something with the saw, but then I lost them. The ones that you see later in this project are just random rusty bolts from another saw.

Step 2: Clear Coat the Bolts, Handle, and the Blade

You can sand off all the rust and the wood and give this a nice paint job if you want, but I just decided to clear coat over the rust for a RUST-IC look. PUNNED I KNOW. Clear coat the bolts too.

Step 3: Picture for the Saw

When doing a project like this, you want to make sure you have a thicker material that you are putting Mod Podge on. This wallpaper I found seems to work great for this. MAGAZINES- They do not work too well, either I am doing something wrong or the paper is just way to weak for this. They always tear and fall apart.

Step 4: Burn the Edges

This step is not necessary, but I think it gives a great look to a piece like this.

Step 5: Getting the Picture on the Blade

Put Mod Podge on the back of the paper then stick it down and out more on top of it, essentially laminating the picture to the saw blade. MAKE SURE TO GET ALL AIR BUBBLES OUT!

Step 6: Quick Fix

So the Mod Podge made a little outline so I am going to fix that by painting the whole blade with it.

Step 7: Put the Bolts Back In

Attach handle with the bolts and you are done.

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