Introduction: Re-creating Art

Browsing paper art in google a came across, an amazing paper sculpture by Eric Standley ( you can just google his name + paper + scuplture ).

I wanted to re-create it. the process wasnt that simple. since i had few picture on the web to start from.

Step 1: Drawing the Pattern

I used the original picture as a template, and used illustrator to draw lines and shapes.

i am attaching the illusttaor vector file here.


Step 2: Cutting the Pattern

i got access to the laser cutter in my friends school. Then i was able to cut the patterns on paper scheets. all in all i had to use 130 layers.

my design files will be uploaded here.

Step 3: Getting the Shape Together

I started putting the layers on each other, just to have an idea on how everything is going to be, and have an idea on what colors i can choose.

Step 4: Glue and Color Everything

Once i had an idea about how the shape is going to be, i alternate coloring the layers and glue them together.

Step 5: The Finished Pattern

and this is how my pattern is looking once finished. I hope someone get inspired :)

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