Introduction: Re-purpose an Old Book Cover Into a Safe.

This started a couple months ago, when my wife made a wreath from an old
book, I grabbed the cover thinking about all the book safes I'd seen

Step 1: Tools Needed & Materials.

Tools needed:
~ Mod Podge

~ Scissors

~ Chip brush (or any disposable brush)

~ Pipe cleaner (for spreading Mod Podge in the hard to get to areas)

~ Razor knife

~ Permanent marker

~ Pen (Which I only used for shaping the book spine) or anything else that's rounded.

~ Plank of wood

~ Plus a couple of clamps that I forgot to get a picture of but you know what those look like)


~ Hard cover book skin

~ Interior box for book

~ Scrapbook card stock


Step 2: Cut and Prep.

I cut the binding 1/4" from the inside of the spine, spread the mod podge onto the inside edge then folded the material over until the glue set. repeat for the other side of the cover.

Step 3: The (book's) Guts.

I glued the 1" wide piece of the spine to the back of the box.

Step 4: Putting It All Together.

I just spread mod podge on the inside of the book cover and on the face of the box, lined it up and pressed it together, then did the same thing to the back side. Then placed it flat on the table put a piece of wood across the top and held it in place with a couple clamps till it was dry.

I used a permanent marker on the inside for cover up but didn't like the outcome, so I grabbed a piece of scrapbook card stock my wife had, and cut it to size & glued it in place with mod podge.

In my opinion it looked much better now.

This was a very easy project to do it, and only took about 40 minutes to complete.

Thank you for looking at this ible, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in
the comments section below, I enjoy hearing from you guys so please post a comment!

Have a great day.