Introduction: Reading Easel

This reading easel can be used to prop your book or notebook on. It has a box attached to the back to store all of your books and notebooks. The easel is easily moveable, light weight, and is able to be placed on any flat surface.

Step 1: Items Needed:

-Tri Wall cardboard




-Hot glue

-Normal (white) glue



-Edging material



Step 2: Make Individual Pieces

Trace and cut out the pieces according to the dimensions in the image out of triwall.

Step 3: Assemble

1) Lay your base flat against the table. Attach the back rectangle followed by the two side pieces with hot glue.

2) Attach the smaller front piece to the larger front piece with hot glue making a lip to eventually place books on.

3) Lay the large front piece against the angled sides and connect with hot glue. Adding wooden dowels with glue and hammer in order to ensure stability.

Step 4: Edge and Paint

1) Use edging material to create smooth edges on the easel.

2) Obtain painting primer and prime the easel.

3) Choose paint color of choice and paint the easel.