Introduction: Realistic Portrait Drawing

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Do you struggle with drawing realistic-looking portraits? Or do you suffer from the phobia of the blank paper? Do you want to learn to draw accurately what you see? Are you seeking a simple, yet effective way to draw the light and shadow just right? Do you want to improve your drawing skills as efficiently as possible?

I want to help you and teach you to draw amazing portraits! I want to guide you through the whole drawing process step by step. You can learn a simple process for drawing portraits like a master.

In this article I'll tell you how it's possible. I will also tell you something about pencils and other drawing tools, which will help you get started.

Can I really learn to draw like a master?

Is the ability to draw masterful portraits a skill that only a few can learn? Do you need to have the so-called natural talent to be able to become really good at drawing? The answer to both of these questions is emphatic no! Everyone can learn to draw well with proper knowledge and guidance.

Am I promising you too much? No, I'm not! Why? Because in drawing or in art, knowledge is power! With the right knowledge, you can improve your drawings even instantly. Of course, you need to practice also, but learning can be made much faster with the right information. Why is this so? Because there are good ways to practice and bad ways. I have personally experienced the drawbacks of mindless practice and I've had to learn many things the hard way. I don't want that you make the same mistakes as I've made.

You can learn to draw great portraits in a relatively short time span, if you know what are the absolute Essentials that you should focus on. In this way, every line you draw, and every minute you spent time on drawing improves your drawing skills. You stop wasting your time on mindless repetition!

Learn the Core skills and Principles of drawing

I want to share with you the most important insights on drawing, which I have learned through the thousands of hours that I've spent with learning Art. In reality drawing amazing portraits is easier and simpler than it first seems or feels. To help you I've made an intensive video course on which I'll teach to draw portraits like a master.


You'll get over the difficulties to begin the drawing by learning a foolproof way to start any drawing successfully.

You will learn a clear and simple drawing process that can be applied to any subject.

You'll learn a simple but powerful way to analyze what you see.

You'll learn three absolutely essential questions that you need to ask yourself every time you draw something.

You will learn how to get the Proportions of the face right.

You'll learn a simple trick that'll keep your Portrait in the right Perspective.

You will learn how to Articulate your line drawing.

You'll get to know the right tools for creating amazing portraits.

Your drawings will become more realistic.

You will learn a method of measuring that develops the accuracy of your eye.

You'll learn how to model the Form with Values and Anatomy.

You'll learn how to use Anatomical Abstraction for better drawings.

You will learn to depict Light and Shadow in your drawings.

You'll learn a foolproof method for drawing the Tonal Values just right.

You will learn a ridiculously simple and easy way to see the values better.

You'll learn about some special pencils that will bring the needed contrast to your drawings.

Is it really possible to learn all this just by watching videos? Yes, it is, if you do your own part and put the things you learn into practice. You'll get the best benefit from the course when you draw along my videos while following closely all the instructions. I trust in your ability to learn! You can learn to draw portraits like a master


The absolute minimum is just a pencil and a drawing paper, but to get the full benefit from this course I advise you to get at least these pencils and tools:

Graphite pencils H, HB, and 3B Staedtler Black 8B pencil or Black colored pencil White charcoal pencil Toned gray paper An eraser

Even if you don't buy the course, at least get these pencils and tools. They will certainly help you draw great portraits.

Whether you have all these exact pencils and equipment or not, you will still benefit greatly from the course. Do not let the less than ideal circumstances stop you from learning to draw portraits like a master!

The Perfect aid for self-learning

The course offers you a great opportunity for studying the core principles of drawing independently in the comfort of your own home. As a mostly self-taught artist, I can assure you that it is possible to become good at drawing through self-learning. But it doesn't happen by accident. You need proper knowledge and you need to know how to apply it. Gaining the right knowledge and understanding can mean months or years of intensive research and study. Because I've already done this I want to save you from all this effort.

This is why I decided to create this video course, to make learning easier for you. Of course, it's not possible to fit everything into one relatively short course, but I can guarantee you that with this information you can go far!

The course is spoken in Finnish with Subtitles in English. The course has 8 videos with a total run time of nearly 2,5 hours. The course contains the complete process of portrait drawing from start to finish, along with micro-lectures and demonstrations.

Step 1: Beginning the Drawing

Step 2: Linear Block-In - the Silhouette

Step 3: The Basic Proportions of the Face

Step 4: Drawing the Shapes Within the Silhouette

Step 5: Articulation - Refining the Block-In Sketch

Step 6: Modeling Form Part 1

Step 7: Modeling Form Part 2