Really Easy Baby Booties




Introduction: Really Easy Baby Booties

Some patterns say they are really easy to follow but then require all sorts of specifics in terms of materials, needles, tension squares, fancy stitches and so on.  These booties can be made in any wool, other than really thick wool, and with any needles other than really massive ones.  And you only need to know how to cast on, cast off and do basic knit stitches.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

As shown, a ball of wool in main colour, a small amount of a contrast colour in a slightly thicker and slightly fluffier wool, two little buttons, knitting needles and a bodkin.

These booties are designed to fit an average sized newborn.  If you already have the baby available for measuring (!) you can adjust the size of the sole of the bootie to fit exactly.

Step 2: Knitting Instructions

Cast on the number of stitches that will measure approximately 3.5cms when a few rows have been knitted.  (It may be necessary to do this by trial and error, the first set of stitches having to be unravelled once the correct measurements have been arrived at.)  Knit in garter stitch - every row knit - until work measures 8cms.  This is the sole of the bootie.  Cast on relevant number of stitches that will measure 8cms (i.e. if 12 stitches were needed to give 3.5cms, 26-28 stitches may be correct number for 8cms).  Turn and knit across these stitches and all original stitches.  Cast on same number of stitches on other side, now you will have a "T" shape.  Continue knitting in garter stitch - every row knit - until second part of work, the upper part of the T, measures a little under 3.5cms.  Change to contrasting wool, leaving a long tail of main wool colour for later sewing up.  Knit one row, then cast off. 

To make up take top right hand corner as seen in the photograph and fold it over to the bottom left hand corner of the sole.  Fold left hand corner the opposite way.  Stitch along the three sides of the sole of the bootie, using the tail and making sure all three layers are caught together across the toe.

Make a loop of the contrasting wool and sew in place just below the crossover of the two sides.  Firmly attach a button in the relevant place.

Repeat for second bootie, reversing the folds of the T.

Step 3: The Finished Booties

This is how the booties should look on the baby's feet!

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