Introduction: Recirculating Bird Bath/fountain

Gather your supplies. I used:

a 16" diameter plastic flower pot with no drainage holes,

a submersible pump with a 1/2" outlet,

a 14" plant saucer into which I drilled several drainage holes and a 1/2 hole for the flexible tubing

a piece of plastic grid from the hardware store (it is in the lighting area, they go over flourescent lights) which I trimmed it to be a 15" circle that could sit on a lip inside the flower pot

a piece of 1/2" (inner diameter) flexible tubing that fit over the outlet for the pump, its length will depend on the depth of your flower pot

Step 1: Assembling the Parts

I cut the piece of plastic grid to fit inside the flower pot, which had a lip approx 2" down from the top edge. I also put a hole in the middle of the grid for the tubing to go through. Once I put the pump in the pot, I threaded the tube through the grid and then pushed the flexible tubing through the center hold on the plastic saucer and set it on the grid. I placed stones in the saucer so that birds could stand on them to drink or bathe. I ended up plugging one hole with a small piece of bark so the water would fill the pot and flow over the top edge of the saucer as well as trickle through the holes in the bottome of the saucer. This causes the water to make a little more noise which lets the birds know there is water there as well as making a soothing sound. I leveled the pot in a flower bed. I have to refill it about once a week, depending on how hot it gets outside.

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