Reclaimed Vintage Door King Size Bed and Night Stands




Introduction: Reclaimed Vintage Door King Size Bed and Night Stands

This is the finished product that started with an old front door.

Step 1: The 1861 Front Door

This is the original front door from my parents house. Tucked away in a barn since the 1950's. It's missing the top and bottom and some molding.

Step 2: Cleaning and Fixing

The door is covered in 70 years of dirt, dust and bugs. After power washing I took all the moldings off and cleaned out all the dead bugs and dirt that did not wash out. Glued and pin nailed the moldings back in. Recreated a new bottom rail.

Step 3: Adding the Legs and Top Board.

I made 3"x3" Legs and added a board that followed the shape of the door and legs to the top.

Step 4: Colors Added in Stages

I laid down three different colors on the new wood. I masked off the original door to preserve the original patina. I wanted to replicate the original aged appearance of the 1861 door. Beige to start then a dark turquoise (which I forgot to take a picture of) and then the sage green. The Sage green I thinned with water and glue to make it split and crack to look aged. After it dried I went over all the new paint with 120 sand paper to scuff and rough up the paint and create worn edges.

Step 5: Glaze

After the paint portion was done I went over the new paint with a glaze and recreated the aged discolored look and grime build up it would have gotten over the last 150 years.

Step 6: Foot Board

I had to make a matching foot board from scratch

Step 7: Recreating Moldings

Molding profiles from 1861 are not readily available at your local lumber yard, so made these completely with 3 cuts on the table saw and a lot of hand sanding. The raised panel also was made with the table saw.

Step 8: Foot Board Paint

I followed the same process as before with the paint patina for the foot board. In these you can see the blue I used.

Step 9: Final Steps on the Foot Board

Again I used the glaze to get the dirty age as well as added fake lock holes.

Step 10: Night Stands From Reclaimed Wood

I made these reclaimed night stands from left over scraps. These are Heart Pine.

Step 11: The Finished King Size Bed With Reclaimed Heart Pine Night Stands

This is the finished bed and night stands. It turned out great and my wife most importantly is happy!

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    Question 3 years ago on Step 4

    My husband & I love your bed. You did a great job! Did this door start out with a door knob whole & if so did you fill it & then turn it down towards the mattresses so it can't be seen? Thank you!!


    Answer 3 years ago

    No the lock hole is at the top of the headboard. It was an old style Lock box hardware that went on the outside of the door. (see below) only holes are the 4 that go through to bolt it to the door and the key hole. The foot board is replicated to match. Hope this helps.
    Image result for antique door hardware


    3 years ago

    WOW! I'd be happy too...what a great way to repurpose a piece of your family home/history.


    Question 4 years ago

    Why is the one leg double as thick as the other with a taper? (picture 1 step 5) Front doors are usually 80" but a king bed is about 76". Is there a missing piece or two from the door besides the bottom kick (as it appears to look in step 1) I have so many questions, and the wife is already looking at doors!


    Answer 4 years ago

    The left leg had developed a slight grain stress crack that worried me after it was all doweled together so I just sistered another board to it for strength. you cant see it once the mattress is on.If you look at the first picture of the door its actually missing not only the kick but another set of panels at the top. It was probably more like a 90" door, as my parents house has 10' ceilings.