Introduction: Reclaimed Tires!

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Here I would like to describe how I reused a damaged bike tire into something useful for me.

1. Tire planter
2. See-saw


Bike tire
Cable wires, or any strong thread
Brass hook
PVC pipes
Wood: 2x10 inch x 8 feet dimensional lumber

Utility Knife
Drill machine
Hack Saw
Tape Measure
Paint brushes
Hex bits
Sand Paper

Step 1: Prepare Tire

First tire has to washed, cleaned and dried. Then, it need to be Cut into half, at the centre at both the sides. We may have to use utility knife for the edges and angle grinder to cut through the thin steel ropes inside the tire.

Step 2: Keep the Wood Ready

We may have to clean and dry the wood. This would be the base for the see saw on top of which seats will be placed.

Along with this long wood, we need to have small wooden pieces to insert at the tire inner part of the tire such that it is screwed to the wooden base from the bottom. We need to keep the small wooden in a height such that it fits to the height of the child who plays with it.