Introduction: Theme-based Canvas Art!

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Here I would like to take you through the canvas art, I made according to a theme - Nature!

Step 1: Supplies

Canvas board
Acrylic paints
Paint brushes
Waste cloth

Step 2: Draw Outline

I prefer to draw outline with pencil the start with painting over it. So I chose a sample picture found in internet and drew with pencil.

Step 3: Painting, Start With Outer Environment

For painting, it is better to start with outer environment apart from the main object (here Lotus). So I wanted to paint the leaves floating around in water and the water in deep grey(not fully black) and use light grey for reflections over the water.

And for rose, the outer brown environment.

Step 4: Painting, Floating Leaves

For leaves floating in water (around the lotus), I used SAP green as the main colour. And for the veins over the leaf, I use greenery green.

Step 5: Painting, Leaf Veins

And for the veins over the leaf, I use greenery green.

Step 6: Painting, Pond Water

For pond water, I am using dark grey that is I mixed more black + little white and used the mix to the water layers.

Step 7: Painting, Water Droplet

For water droplet over the leaf surface, I used white marker pencil.

Step 8: Painting, Full Body Colour for the Main Subject

Here the main subject is the lotus for which I need pale pink/baby pink colour. So I mixed pink with white to attain the pale colour.

And for red rose, Crimson red for the full body and maroon for edges and smeared it at places.

Step 9: Painting Addition Details, Main Subject

To add additional details, I am using white colour to the bottom of the petals (for the lotus).

Step 10: Painting, Add Outer Layer

To add more attraction to the lotus petals, I am using a mix of Salmon pink + White and add fine layers to the corner of the petals as well veins to the petals.

And for the red rose, a maroon layer across the petals and leaves.

Step 11: Sunflower, Add Inner Layer

To the inner layer, I used grey over black rounds.

Step 12: Sunflower, Seed Layer

For the outer seed layer, I am using deep orange with outer circle of Dark brown.

Step 13: Sunflower, Add Seed Details

For seed details, I add dots across the layer one by one with colours as below:
SAP Green
Ivory or (lemon yellow + white)
Crimson Red
Dark Brown

And for the inner seed I used dark brown for criss-cross lines and turquoise for the seeds as dots.

Step 14: Sunflower, Petals.

Golden yellow for the full body of the petals and bright orange, for the lines over it.

Step 15: Sunflower, Outside Environment

I used cerulean blue and sky blue for the sky, SAP green for leaves/stem. I also use Teal blue at the bottom of the sky blue clouds.

Step 16: Conclusion

Here I also provide a link of my earlier work with Peacock:

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