Introduction: Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

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This coat rack is very easy to make and it's practically FREE!

It's a mix of pallet wood, reclaimed wood and scrap wood.

I did this instructable for the ' Paint It' contest, but was utterly disappointed to find it US ONLY!

Hmmm...well it has pallets so I'm putting it for the pallet contest! Who knows, as they say 'Anything is possible' ;)

Step 1: Collect Your Scrap Wood

Collect any free wood. Scrap wood, broken pallets are perfect for this project!

You would also need

Acrylic paint, wood stain

Enamel paint ( optional...I used it as I had it and wanted that dark chocolate stain)

In pallets you can cut off where there are no nails. Select wood of various thickness. Rip the wood to the width you want. My maximum width was 1.5". Sand all your wood and cut to 10" length. I treated all the wood with wood presavative as I was nervouse about some termite holes.

Step 2: Paint!

For the back panel cut 6-9 mm plywood to size. Arrange your slats so that each slat would either be higher or lower in thickness than the next slat so that it would stand out. Make sure to place thick wood where the hooks would be.

Now either number the back of the slats or place it just as it is somewhere so that you don't mix up the placements.

Now get ready to paint.

Warning- Below is a bit detailed so if you are not interested in the colors you can skip this bit

I started off with light emerald and using the same brush moved to navy blue and then black. I did not wash off each color as I wanted the colors to blend in.

Next I used white. So it was grey and lighter blue.

Now I washed my brush and painted a brown.

Next I stained with teak varnish ( I did not use a brush but a rag) You can see the wood grain.

Using my paint brush which had brown; I added yellow and painted, hence the tan color. The next few slats were yellow. Again using the same brush I loaded it with crimson and painted. I got a lovely orangish red. Next few slats were red and then I added maroon.

I had a dark mahogany enamel Paint which looks like chocolate brown. Load a rag with turpentine, dip it in a BIT of the enamel paint and rub onto the remaining slats. What you would get is a beautiful chocolate brown wood stain. The grain of the wood shows beautifully. So basically if you want wood stain in a particular color, check out the Enamel Paint options. You waste less paint. You don't need to use a sanding sealant AND you get a nice stained finish.

One you are done painting and all the slats are dried you can start to glue it down to the panel. Glue it down and once dry you can nail from the other side to re-enforce the strength. While you do this drill two holes where the thick wood is and nail in the hanging hardware.

Step 3: Frame and Hook

Measure and cut wood slats for the frame. You can either cut in miters or straight. Sand and paint black.

For the hooks I used a tree branch. I cut 2" lengths at an angel. Paint this black too.

Now add glue to the miters and clamp the frame. I used my homemade corner clamps which I find so useful!.

Once dry nail the frame to the thick slats. Again for re-enforcements.

Using Liquid Nails or E-6000 , glue the painted branches which are now your hooks :)

Step 4: VOTE

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and perhaps make one for you too!

I would also love to have your vote for the pallet contest and other contests. It would make me real happy! Thanks :-)

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