Introduction: Recyclable Bottle Strawket

In this instructable, you will be learning how to make a Squeeze Bottle Rocket, also knowns as a Strawket. This is a very easy, yet fun project that entertains younger children at home or in the classroom. This instructable is simple and not time consuming in any way.


1. Plastic bottle with the cap

2. Two straws (one slightly bigger in circumference than the other)

3. Roll of Scotch Tape

4. Scissors

5. Tissue

6. Pen

Step 1:

Make sure that the bottle cap is screwed on tightly. Open up your scissors so that you are only using one of the blades. Of the two scissor blades, use the sharper one in order to make the cutting easier. Avoid having smaller children do this step in case they cut themselves.

Step 2:

Take the bigger straw and place it on top of the bottle cap. Using a pen or sharpie, trace around the straw on top of the cap making a circle. This circle is a guideline for where you will be cutting with the scissors in the next step.

Step 3:

Using the sharper blade of the scissors, poke a hole in the center of the bottle cap. Once the blade is inserted, rotate/turn the scissors around until you cut the circle that was just drawn on top of the bottle cap. This will be an important step in the future.

Step 4:

Insert the bigger straw into the bottle. Do not push the straw all the way down. Make sure there is still some of the straw above the top of the cap.

Step 5:

Rip off four pieces of tape (Scotch tape works much better and is easier to use). Make sure that the pieces of tape are not too big because they will go around the bottle cap.

Step 6:

Using the four pieces of tape from the previous step, tape around the bottle cap and secure the straw so it doesn't move/wiggle or have any air get through. Put half of the tape on the straw and the other half attached to the bottle cap, securely fastening the straw so it does not move. If four pieces of tape isn't enough, you can always use some more to fasten it.

Step 7:

Take your tissue and rip off a piece from the corner. The piece does not have to be very big, but make sure it is not too small.

Step 8:

Roll up the tissue like shown in the picture. After you are finished rolling the tissue, take a piece of tape and tape around the tissue one or two times. This will prevent the tissue from unrolling.

Step 9:

Using the rolled tissue from the previous step, insert it into the smaller of the two straws. This is the straw that is not already in the bottle. You are going to want to insert the tissue in the end of the straw closer to the part that bends. This is shown why in the next step.

Step 10:

Take the smaller straw and insert it into the bigger straw. When you are inserting the smaller straw, make sure that the end with the tissue paper is on the top. The bendy part of the straw will then rest on the outside of the bigger straw. Again, the bendy part of the straw should not go all the way into the bigger straw.

Step 11:

Now that your Strawket is completed, you are ready to let it fly! Simply just point it in the direction you want to launch it, squeeze the bottle with your hands, and watch it go! If you want to shoot it again, just blow the bottle back up and repeat.