Introduction: Recyclable Planter

Do you need a new planter that will cost you almost nothing? Why buy one from the store when you can make a stylish, modern planter from home? This planter will be easy to make in one day. The best part is you can make it from items you have in your house.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need the following materials:

  • Seven Coca-Cola cans
  • Six zip ties
  • One Hammer
  • One Nail
  • One can opener
  • One ice-cream lid
  • One paper hole puncher
  • One small bag/patch of soil
  • Small plants with many root stems
  • Many small stones

Step 2: Cut the Top

Use the can opener to slowly cut off the top of each can. Then rinse the inside of the cup.

Caution: When the can is cut, the edges are very sharp!

Step 3: Arrange Cans

Arrange cans so the logos are facing outwards in a neat fashion. This will help you be ready to make the holes in the cans in the next step.

Step 4: Punch Holes

In six of the cans, use a regular hole puncher to make one small hole in the top of each can. Then evenly punch six holes into the last can. You will use it to secure the cans to each other.

Step 5: Secure the Cans

Use the zip ties to connect each outer can to the middle can. While attaching the zip ties, leave some slack so the cans don't tilt by being pulled to tightly. We can adjust the tightness of these later.

Step 6: Add Drainage Holes

Take the hammer and nail and make three/four holes in the bottom of each can. This will allow excess water to drain out from the bottom of our planter.

Caution: Careful not to hammer one of your fingers because it can be very easy to do so.

Step 7: Drop the Rocks

Add about four/five small rocks to the bottom of each can. You will need to do this so the planter can drain water without the soil plugging up the holes.

Step 8: Fill the Cans

Fill each can about half way with soil. Do this so you can then put the plant in without too much work.

Step 9: Plant

Take the plant you selected and place it in the can. After this fill the rest of the can with soil. Leave about two/three centimeters on the top of the can. Water the can every day so the plants can grow properly.

Step 10: Place the Planter

Place the planter on the ice-cream container lid to allow the water to drain without spilling everywhere. If you want to make it look EXTRA nice add medium river rocks on the lid. You're finished!!!

Step 11: Enjoy!!!

Now you have a very nice looking decoration to have around your house. This plant can double as a gift.

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