Recycle Cardboard Tubes for Fire Logs




Introduction: Recycle Cardboard Tubes for Fire Logs

My name is Niki, I am a mum of three amazing grown up kids as well as a Grandma. I am a keen hobb…

I've seen countless videos across the internet about making fire logs from paper, but I'd decided to save the inner cardboard tubes from toilet tissue and kitchen paper for mine.

I'm not sure how well they're going to burn because, at the time of publishing this, they were still drying out.

Step 1: I Used:

  • Two old pans I was going to take to the recycling yard - you can use two buckets of the same size
  • Toilet roll and kitchen paper cardboard tubes
  • A builders whisk and a drill
  • Water
  • A few bits of scrap wood
  • A cross shredder

Step 2: Drill Holes in One of the Pans / Buckets

Ensure the one pan fits into the other, unless you've purchased two same size buckets

Drill holes in the one pan, for drainage.

Now place the one with the holes inside the other

Step 3: Cut the Tubes and Shred

Take the tubes and cut up one side to make them flat, and so that they'd fit in my cross shredder.

Shred them - but keep some in tact / whole for later.

Step 4: Add Water to the Bucket

Add water to the bucket about half way up.

Step 5: Add Shredded Pieces to Bucket of Water

Add the shreddings to the bucket, ensure they are fully covered. If not, add more water.

Give the mix a whisk with the drill and builder's whisk

Put a lid on the bucket and leave overnight.

Step 6: Whisk the Mixture

After the mix has been left overnight, take the lid off and give the mix a whisk for a few minutes.

At this point, I realised, that this cardboard might not break down properly, but I carried on.

Step 7: Drain

Take the top bucket out, allow most of the water to run into the bottom bucket

Using the two pieces of wood, lay them across the button bucket to stand the top bucket on to drain more.

Squeeze as much liquid out of the mix as you can

Step 8: Stuff the Remaining Tubes With the Mix

Take small amounts, squeeze even more out of it (if possible) then stuff it into the dry cardboard tubes.

Add small amounts each time and press it down firmly with either a piece of the wood you have been using or with your fingers.

Step 9: Dry Them Off

Place on a suitable surface, I used the two pieces of wood I used earlier, to place them in a straight line to dry out.

Do not stack like the second image or they will not dry correctly.

Once fully dried use them, like you would a wooden log, in your fire pit etc

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    Mugsy Knuckles
    Mugsy Knuckles

    3 years ago

    You can use flour for glue. A small amount of flour in that water when you soak the filler will make a nice gluten prtein binder.


    4 years ago

    you just gave me an excellent idea for using with all the sawdust I have laying around. Can't compost it because it's from plywood...


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi laernmoer, you've just reminded me of something from my childhood! My father used to make these sort of things using sawdust, I'm not so sure but I think he used to use wood glue to make them stick together. Thinking about it though, he might have used diluted wood glue or something that looked like it


    4 years ago

    If it works you could use paper towel tubes, gift wrap, bubble wrap [which are big and thick], perhaps even packing tape tubes although, since they are so short, you might want to figure a way to stick them together with something non toxic when burnt.

    If you can update this once you burn them, that would be great.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi kearjr, thanks for your comment and suggestions, I'll take them on board

    I'm still awaiting a fine evening to burn these. Every evening that I have to myself, it's rained almost every evening since :-(

    As soon as I burn them, it's my intention to update. I'm getting most annoyed with this weather grrr :)