Introduction: Recycle Christmas Cards Into Gift Tags!

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A very simple and easy project to do with all those Christmas cards you're sure to wind up with during the holidays. :)

Special thanks to Jayefuu for coming up with the idea!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • old christmas cards
  • a cutting mat
  • clear cutting ruler
  • x-acto knife or something similar
  • hole punch or a large needle, whatever you have

Step 2: Cut the Card Into Strips

I'm cutting the cover of the card, as it is normally the prettiest and has a nice blank back. (Don't want to be including heartfelt messages from your grandmother on your gift tags :P)

Cut 2 inch wide strips from each card you're planning on using.

Step 3: Cut Strips Down

Cut the longer strips into lengths of 3 inches. You can do 2-3 strips at a time depending on the sharpness of your blade and the thickness of the card.

Step 4: Cut Off the Corners!

Angle your clear ruler up starting one inch from the top. Make sure the middle high point is at least a half inch long. That's where you'll be punching a hole or putting a needle through!

Step 5: Punch Holes and Attach!

I must admit that I do not own a hole punch. Considering this would be the only time I'd use it, I can't be upset. :)

If you don't own a hole punch, it's just as easy to tie your gift with yarn or embroidery floss. I just pushed a large embroidery needle the the tag and used embroidery floss to wrap a jewelry box for a friend.

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