Recycle Christmas Cards Into Gift Tags!




Introduction: Recycle Christmas Cards Into Gift Tags!

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A very simple and easy project to do with all those Christmas cards you're sure to wind up with during the holidays. :)

Special thanks to Jayefuu for coming up with the idea!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • old christmas cards
  • a cutting mat
  • clear cutting ruler
  • x-acto knife or something similar
  • hole punch or a large needle, whatever you have

Step 2: Cut the Card Into Strips

I'm cutting the cover of the card, as it is normally the prettiest and has a nice blank back. (Don't want to be including heartfelt messages from your grandmother on your gift tags :P)

Cut 2 inch wide strips from each card you're planning on using.

Step 3: Cut Strips Down

Cut the longer strips into lengths of 3 inches. You can do 2-3 strips at a time depending on the sharpness of your blade and the thickness of the card.

Step 4: Cut Off the Corners!

Angle your clear ruler up starting one inch from the top. Make sure the middle high point is at least a half inch long. That's where you'll be punching a hole or putting a needle through!

Step 5: Punch Holes and Attach!

I must admit that I do not own a hole punch. Considering this would be the only time I'd use it, I can't be upset. :)

If you don't own a hole punch, it's just as easy to tie your gift with yarn or embroidery floss. I just pushed a large embroidery needle the the tag and used embroidery floss to wrap a jewelry box for a friend.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Another thing you can do now for next year is use the front of the cards and some of the prettier inside left of card is to make placemats. Just use double sided tape and get them in a retangle. You can use Christmas gift wrap for the background placing and to fill in the gaps. Then do the other side and laminate them. If you have a ton of cards you can make what ever amount you need for your family setting... if not enough, don't do the opposite side.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea Jessy! That for sharing! Have a beautiful day!