Introduction: Recycle Old Watches

How to make motorcycle, from old watches.

Step 1:

Step 2: What You Need

1 . Old Watches
2. Wire
3. Old metal pen
4. Epoxide glue

Step 3: Wheels and Tyres

Make wheels from old watches and tyres from bracelets

Step 4: The Cylinders

make 2 cylinder from old bracelet.

Step 5: The Engine

The engine from two watches and add two cylinders.

Step 6: The Fender

make the fender (?) from another bracelet, and glue with wheel.

Step 7: The Petrol Tank

make petrol tank two square watches.

Step 8: Steering Wheel

make steering wheel from wire and glue with petrol tank.

Step 9: Lamp, Back and Exhaust.

make lamp from watch, back from wire, and exhaust from old pen, - glue all together.

Step 10: Finish

Good Luck, sorry my english :-)